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TKA’s Top Memories of 2012


The members of TKA (Tre, Los and K7) are so very grateful for another amazing year, and would like to take a walk down memory lane with them as they recap their Top Memories of 2013!

March 30, 2012 and March 31, 2012: Opener for Jordan Knight

 Live & Unfinished at Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, PA and The Irving Plaza in New York City

(L to R) Tre, Jordan Knight, Myself and Los)

(L to R) Tre, Jordan Knight, Myself and Los)

We had the amazing opportunity to open for Jordan Knight in PA! The venue was packed with 95% women who were all ready to dance & sing the night away. The following night we brought it back home! The NYC crowd sent chills up our spines as they sang our songs word for word.

April 18, 2012: HealthCorps’ Gala

HealthCorps’ 6th Annual Gala to Address Child Obesity Crisis; Honors Diane Sawyer and Matthew Modine, Hosted by Chairman and Co-Founders Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz

(L to R) Tre, Dr. Oz, Myself and Los)

(L to R) Tre, Dr. Oz, Myself and Los)

To be invited to perform at the Gala and join the fight against childhood obesity was an incredible honor. On another note making the doctor bust a move was pretty cool too he has a BIT of swag” – K7

May 23, 2012: Mohegan Sun Casino

This date marked our 5th performance at Mohegan! Each and every time has been different and more memorable! As we took the stage the people of Connecticut were pumped and ready to go. They danced the night away, no one sat in their seats. CT loves to party.

July 6, 2012: Freestyle explosion at the Brook-haven Amphitheater

"Freestyle explosion" performance

“The great people of Long island, New York gave us such powerful energy as we performed in this beautiful outdoor venue. We cant wait to do it all over again in 2013”

September 4, 2012: Tribute to Information Society’s “Running”

The legendary Information Society were responsible for our first tour overseas in Japan back in 89. But, that’s not the only reason I decided to record and release “Running”. I wanted to feed the appetite of our fans who have naturally acquired a taste for other genres of music. Music is music so whether it’s freestyle or in this case, reggae, we should allow music to unite us all! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

September 29, 2012: Miami Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Tre, Los & I are New Yorkers through & through but when we were asked to throw the first pitch at a Marlins game we were siked! Our fans from Miami Florida have a special place in our hearts! Truth be told, we argued about which one of us would throw the first pitch. We flipped a coin and Tre won. It was a great experience.

August 22, 2012: Freestyle Roadtrip

(L to R) Myself, Coro, George Lamond

I have known George Lamond for all of my adult life let alone our musical careers-we are also family. Coro and I have been friends since back in the day with Stevie B. Though we’ve all shared the stage at many shows over the years, we’ve never shared the experience of a ROADTRIP! The great adventure was such a fun experience that we will be doing it again some time in 2013

Giving back all year round

"Long Island Hospitality Ball" performanceWe were able to take part in many fundraisers this year; the Gala mentioned above against child obesity, “A Night In Our Life” where proceeds went towards Eden 2 school for autistic children, our yearly Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park for Team Chosen Butterflies as well as The Long Island Hospitality Ball, to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Team Chosen Butterflies 2012 Last but not least, we were humbled and honored at the opportunity to put a smile on the faces Hurricane Sandy Victims at the Stars Shine in Staten Island. We take pride in helping our community and the less fortunate and will continue to do so